System Of A Down Live

The DDevil Is So Lovely

09/??/1996 - The Viper Room - West Hollywood, CA


Daron Malakian: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andy Khachaturian: Drums
Shavo Odadjian: Bass
Serj Tankian: Vocals


 Other Performers:

  • Malfunction



  • Setlist Unknown






  • Exact date unknown.  Show occurred sometime before September 19th.



  • None available





  • System Of A Down, Malfunction at The Viper Room
         The Viper Room is unanimously recognized as the hip venue for industry showcases, and right now it doesn't get any hipper than SYSTEM OF A DOWN.  If this sounds like a stupendous was!  The Viper, however, offered a special benefit to this near-sighted little non-mosher.  Never in my year-plus tenure of System fandom had I ever seen them up close, due to all the flying bodies regularly surrounding their stage.  With the gracious assistance of Viper security, I happily scurried into a protected near-stage nook and then did I ever get an eyeful of the band guaranteed to lead the next wave of major L.A. signings.
         The performance of SYSTEM OF A DOWN was magnificent.  More than energetic, more than inspired, System of a Down was literally aglow with the passion of their music.  Leading the welcomed onslaught, System vocalist Serge [sic] mesmerized with an endless array of moods; one moment his tone was reverent, his visage serene, the next moment all was awhirl with near-violent vehemence.  Serge's [sic] "dance," appearing inspired by an ancient tribal trance, is unique and utterly captivating.
         Just as animated are guitarist Darin [sic], bassist Shavo, and drummer Andy.  While playing extremely difficult material with effortless precision, System of a Down shares their vision with their audience like best friends, albeit uncommonly talented best friends.
         System of a Down music is not designed to be accessible to all.  Their sound becomes more and more adventurous, often avante garde, and always supremely creative.  Those expecting simple chords and traditional hooks will not "get" System of a Down.  People, though, willing to open their minds and flow freely in the many directions supplied by System's music will find oh-so-much to appreciate.  After hearing a heated discussion between industry heavyweights over which sings is most outstanding, "Honey" or "Sugar," I can only conclude that considerable mind-liberation has taken place.
         Soon ink will take place too.  SYSTEM OF A DOWN!
        By Lexie, Rock City News (Sep 19, 1996)






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