System Of A Down Live

The DDevil Is So Lovely

09/12/2015 - Douglas Park (Riot Stage) - Chlicago, IL


Daron Malakian: Guitar, Vocals
John Dolmayan: Drums
Shavo Odadjian: Bass, Backing Vocals
Serj Tankian: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

Other Performers:


  1. Deer Dance
  2. Tentative
  3. Aerials
  4. Soldier Side - Intro
  5. B.Y.O.B.
  6. Soil
  7. Darts
  8. Radio/Video
  9. DDevil
  10. Needles
  11. Hypnotize
  12. Bounce
  13. Suggestions
  14. Never Let Me Down Again (Depeche Mode Cover)
  15. Psycho
  16. Chop Suey!
  17. Lonely Day
  18. Question!
  19. Lost In Hollywood
  20. Prison Song
  21. Toxicity
  22. Sugar



  • 2015 North American Tour.
  • Performing at Riot Fest Chicago.
  • The show was briefly stopped at the end of 'Aerials' due to injuries in the crowd.  It was stopped again after the first chorus of 'B.Y.O.B.' and resumed with the bridge (skipping the second verse/chorus). 
  • Original setlist likely included more songs ('Honey', 'Forest', 'Suite-Pee', and 'Cigaro').