System Of A Down Live

The DDevil Is So Lovely

08/30/2010 - Le Bataclan - Paris, France


Serj Tankian: Vocals, guitar
Dan Monti: Guitar, backing vocals
Erwin Khackikian: Piano
Mario Pagliarulo: Bass
Troy Zeigler: Drums
Jeff Mallow: Guitar, backing vocals
Julien Durand: Backing vocals
????? ?????: Violin
????? ?????: Violin
????? ?????: Violin
????? ?????: Violin
????? ?????: Cello
????? ?????: Cello
????? ?????: French horn
????? ?????: French horn

Other Performers:

  • Viza


  1. Intro (The Hand)
  2. Beethoven's Cunt
  3. Lie Lie Lie
  4. Sky Is Over
  5. Saving Us
  6. Baby
  7. Left Of Center
  8. Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition
  9. Blue
  10. Elect The Dead
  11. Yes, It's Genocide
  12. Unknown Jam #1
  13. Deserving?
  14. Honking Antelope
  15. Electron
  16. Borders Are
  17. Feed Us
  18. Empty Walls
  19. Money


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  • Imperfect Harmonies World Tour.
  • Additional Orchestral Accompaniment includes eight currently unknown musicians.
  • Having been sick for more than a week, Serj invited an audience member (Julien Durand) on stage to do the vocals for 'Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition'.




  • Serj Tankian Bataclan

    System Of A Down is on hiatus since 2006, leaving time for musicians to pursue their side projects. Serj Tankian, the frontman, has launched a solo artist with Elect The Dead, proving his talents as a composer. System Of A Down Is On hiatus since 2006, Allowing time for musicians to Pursue Their side projects. Serj Tankian, the frontman, Has Launched a solo artist with Elect The Dead, proving Loved talent dial. This album will be followed by a variation Philharmonic in 2009. This album Will Be Followed by a change Philharmonic in 2009. He is currently on tour to present his second album, Imperfect Harmony, to be published on September 21. Currently on tour drake Loved to this second album, Imperfect Harmony, To be published Sept. 21.

  • Viza
    Serj Tankian has several hats: he ran his label Serjical Strike to promote bands who may not have the weapons needed to bring in radio and thus pleasing to the majors. Viza is one of the lucky chosen. Serj Tankian Has Several hats: he ran Loved Serjical Strike label bands to Promote Who May not Have the Weapons needed to bring in radio and Malthus Pleasing to the majors. Viza Is One Of The Lucky phrasal. The band from Los Angeles to the strains Balkan presents his new album, whose title, Made In Chernobyl, speaks for itself. The band from Los Angeles to present the Balkan Loved Strains new album, Whose title, Made in Chernobyl, Speaks for itself. Borrowing sounds No Smoking Orchestra, their music more than festive conquered the public in a few pieces away. Borrowing sounds No Smoking Orchestra, Their music more festive Than Conquered the public in a few "pieces away.

  • Serj Tankian
    Serj Tankian starts strong, linking of tracks from his debut album has now become classics. Serj Tankian starts strong, linking of tracks from debut album Loved Has Now Become classics. An explosive start as necessarily presage surprises in the setlist. An explosive start as Necessarily presage surprises in the setlist. The crowd sings every word with fervor, as if his life depended on it, helping a patient Serj. The crowd sings Every Word with fervor, as if life depended on it Loved, Helping a patient Serj. Also, it raises a fan to sing "Praise the Lord '. Also, it Raise a fan to sing "Praise the Lord '. But the vocal efforts will mainly detected in' Saving Us'. The voice Purpose Efforts Will Mainly Detected in 'Saving Us'.

    In a constant concern in instructional approach Serj, he explained his songs: 'Sky Is Over' tackles the subject of climate change, 'Left of Center' deals with ecology, 'Yes It's Genocide' does not need explanation, even if it's his first song written in Armenian, and 'Borders Are' refuses to recognize the borders that do that to oppose men. In a constant concern in instructional approach Serj, hey Explained Loved songs: 'Sky Is Over' tackles the subject of climate change, 'Left of Center "deals with ecology,' Yes It's Genocide 'does not Need explanation, Even if it's his first Plantagenet song in Armenian, and 'Borders Are' refuse to Recognize the Borders That Do That contrasts to men.

    The public is very present, applauding the jams of The Flying Cunts of Chaos, and listen almost religiously the new songs. The public Is very present, applauding the jams of The Flying Cunts of Chaos, and listen Almost religiously the new songs. Nevertheless, we feel that as and when the concert, the crowd tramples with this need to slam. Nevertheless, we have and when to Feel That the concert, the crowd trample with this Need to slam. 'Empty Walls' comes as a release by the end of the set and 'Money' at the point soothes the mind. 'Empty Walls' horns as a release by the end of the set and 'Money' at the point soothe the mind. Although many would have liked a song from the discography of System ... Although Many Would Have liked a song from the discography of System ...

    Setlist: Beethoven's Cunt / Lie Lie Lie / Sky Is Over / Saving Us / Baby / Left Of Center / Praise The Lord / Blue / Elect The Dead / Yes It's Genocide Jazz Jam / Deserving / Honking Antelope / Electron / Borders Are / Feed U.S. / Empty Walls Setlist: Beethoven's Cunt / Lie Lie Lie / Sky Is Over / Saving Us / Baby / Left Of Center / Praise The Lord / Blue / Elect The Dead / Yes It's Genocide Jazz Jam / Deserving / Honking Antelope / Electron / Borders Are / Feed Us / Empty Walls
    Encore: Reminder Money: Money
By: Agnes Bayou

  • Live Report: Serj Tankian Viza @ Le Bataclan on 30/08/10

  • Adrian, who had the chance to meet the frontman of System Of A Down before his concert after a contest, sent his live report on RYL! Back on the evening of Monday, August 30 as if you were there!

    The meeting:
    One week to the day before this concert full arch, I learn that I won a Meet & Greet with the hero of my adolescence: Serj Tankian. I was warned to prepare well what I say because at the moment I only come to mind as banalities. Then, the week has passed without my being able to find anything that can make me look like anything but a fan like the others. But after all I not speak English? I'm okay to improvise something ... So I found the other winners before the tail where the hardcore fans were already waiting for 11 o'clock in the morning. We expect ultimately take longer than expected because Serj had not yet completed its interviews. Meanwhile, we get a lot of offers from guys in front of the tail and a dealer asked us if we sold our backstage pass. A few more minutes and we were ushered into the Bataclan empty. In fact if not empty because we were able to attend the bar at the end of the repetition of Viza. I do not know exactly how long we waited there, but obviously it has seemed like an eternity. Then we were taken to the door to the left of the stage and we are asked to put us in groups of two. I was the last to go and gradually as we expected, the first dozen spectators rushed by to the holy barrier. The meeting took place in a small space between two doors and not in a room as we thought. We therefore nose to nose with the singer. It was very fast. We were promised ten minutes, it will eventually fivefold since we went in pairs. As expected, when one is faced with Serj, we realize we did not have much to say: "Hello how are you?" "Good and you?" "Although I am a little sick." "It's going to go for tonight?" "Yes." I make him sign "Elect The Dead" and covers the same name and "Steal This Album" I slipped inside. We then proposed a photo to two and then hop, Serj bye!

    The concert:
    I then headed to the balcony and put me in the middle, behind the board. Place the first part, Viza. A group composed of nine members of Armenian origin and from different countries. For example, the Greek singer and keyboardist Japanese. This is the mix of nationalities is the origin of their name. Viza full of energy. Of course only new, it is difficult to move on the stage of Bataclan. But this will not prevent the percussionist run in all directions, to titillate the singer, engaged at one point in a duel with him cry.

    Not part of a group have been so well treated. Even before their entry into the public arena chanted "Viza! Viza!". The pit was almost as unbridled as it was for the star of the evening. Also note that we almost had a right to recall, but it did not probably because of the timing to comply. 
 Many communication from them. Between each song, the singer drops a nice "hello". But also small introductions to songs like "We have violins tonight" before "Breakout The Violins", "We'll talk about your history" before "Napoleon Complex" and even "This morning we went to the Louvre to steal Mona Lisa, but we have not succeeded, it's pretty tough these days "before" My Mona Lisa ". The French public is under the spell of Viza and it is very likely that a small fanbase will be if repass by our countries!

    After a short wait times some will use the concert to address gaps and serene, one sees the classic Parisian musicians who come to the right place at the scene: keyboardist / conductor for the occasion, three violins, two cellos and a copper. Finally came the members of the Flying Cunts of Chaos, then Serj Himself. They attack entry with two titles wildest and schizophrenic's first album, namely "Beethoven's Cunt" and "Lie Lie Lie". 
 Just as we had said before the concert, Serj was ill, he has a sore throat and apologized to the public. After what he showed later in his set, many people would have the same vocal power while having a sore throat! 

    During the first pieces, it was difficult to hear the vocalist. It was not really his voice, but a bad balance that was predominant in the lower voice and especially the classical instruments. Indeed, the violins had trouble being heard behind the play of the talented drummer Troy Zeigler. This trouble was settled subsequently with Serj and asked that the public's help to sing as a chorus, which lasted throughout the concert. 

    Arrive "Sky Is Over" and "Feed Us" where the orchestra was able to show his talents. Then the first novel of this concert from the upcoming album Mr. Tankian. A title to the dynamic rock whose power is reinforced by the traditional instruments where Oriental influences are perfectly integrated. 

    Serj speaks then of "Baby" and is roughly the same speech at the Elysee Montmartre and Rock en Seine: This song came to him in a dream when he was visiting Paris for a tour with DICO. Then he admits he once had a dream like the night before. Maybe a new song? He then asked the audience which of us know better Praise The Lord And Pass The Amunition and selects a certain Julian. Which will prove to be the best talker of the evening, he runs, jumps went from one side of the stage to another, heating the public, do raise their hands. Serj sings the verses and the chorus that leaves him singing with gestures toward the audience: "Come Lay It Down" Burn It Down! Lay It Down! The guns above-the ground! " Even if the lyrics were sometimes rough, we can say that it is very well drawn. Then it's time for "Saving Us", "Blue" (cover of SOAD), "Yes It's Genocide" (a new song entirely in Armenia). The musicians of the Flying Cunts Of Chaos then engaged in a slightly jazzy instrumental improvisation and quite pleasant. It then introduces "Deserving" and "Borders Are" (by which Serj give its views on the borders) of "Imperfect Harmony". "Honking Antelope" where the band fits perfectly before "Electron", another novel.
    Finally beauty, "Empty Walls", the flagship title of the first game played, and roused the audience on the balconies so far remained seated. The latter will remain standing to initiate a recall. It was then that "Money" comes so close the show.

    Serj Tankian has offered a set list comprises the whole of "Elect The Dead" with the exception of "The Unthinking Majority" and five tracks of upcoming album "Imperfect Harmony", an instrumental improvisation and "Blue" . (Cover of SOAD and bonus acoustic first studio effort) We leave the room with the feeling of having witnessed something unique. Maybe the next time Paris 2011?

    Beethoven's Cunt 

    Lie Lie Lie
    Sky Is Over
    Feed Us 

    Left of Center 


    Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition 

    Saving Us 


    Elect The Dead 

    Yes, It's Genocide 

    Jazz Instrumental

    Borders Are 

    Honking Antelope 


    Empty Walls

By: Adrian






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