System Of A Down Live

The DDevil Is So Lovely

08/22/2010 - Evenemententerrein Walibi World (Alpha Tent) - Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

Serj Tankian: Vocals, piano
Dan Monti: Guitar, backing vocals
Erwin Khackikian: Piano, backing vocals
Mario Pagliarulo: Backing vocals
Troy Zeigler: Backing vocals
Jeff Mallow: Backing vocals
Metropole Orchestra


Other Performers:



  1. Feed Us
  2. Sky Is Over
  3. Lie Lie Lie
  4. Left Of Center
  5. Peace Be Revenged
  6. Borders Are...
  7. Honking Antelope
  8. Saving Us
  9. Disowned Inc.
  10. Gate 21
  11. Elect The Dead
  12. Beethoven's Cunt
  13. Empty Walls




  • Imperfect Harmonies World Tour.
  • Performing at the 'Lowlands' Festival.
  • The lineup for this show differed from the previous shows of the Imperfect Harmonies Tour.  Instead of the eight local musicians, this show featured a full orchestra similar to the Elect The Dead Symphony shows.
  • The members of The F.C.C. (excluding Dan and Erwin on piano for select songs) did not play their normal instruments.  Instead, they sang backing vocals only.
  • Gate 21 was performed with an orchestra for the first time.
  • SBD#1: Online radio stream re-broadcast from VPRO Radio 3VOOR12.
  • PRO#1a: Multi-camera PRO-shot video with soundboard audio.  Online video stream re-broadcast from VPRO TV 3VOOR12.  Includes extra footage in the beginning and end not featured in SBD#1.
  • PRO#1b:  Multi-camera PRO-shot video with soundboard audio.  Features Empty Walls only.  Broadcast on VPRO television in 1080p HD.


Serj:  Lowlands.

Feed Us

Serj:  Ladies and gentleman, the Metropole Orchestra. Conductor Hamish McKeich.  The Flying Cunts Of Chaos.  When the snakes land in the sky from beyond, when everything that we know has been turned around, upside down, the sky will be over.

Sky Is Over

Serj:  Thank you.

Lie Lie Lie

Serj:  Ch-ch-ch-ch.  Ch-ch-ch-ch.  Ch-ch-ch-ch.  Thank you guys for being here early today.  This is a beautiful day at the Lowlands Festival.  It's an honor and pleasure to be with you today.  Thank you.  We've got a new song for you.  Uh, I've got a record coming out in September called 'Imperfect Harmonies' and this is the first single called "Left Of Center".

Left Of Center

Serj:  Thank you.  Mr. Erwin Khackikian.

Peace Be Revenged

Serj:  Thank you.  Conductor Hamish McKeich.  This is also another brand new song.  Uhm, it deals with issues of borders.  From Kashmir, to the Gaza, to Arizona, anywhere where racism, anywhere where civil strife exists having to do with separation.  The whole thing having to do with borders of our minds and our hearts or the fact that we don't realize that we are all part of one, that we are the same.  And most-

[Crowd Applauds]

Serj:  Thank you.   And most borders were created by war or post colonial efforts to redesign the world.  So I say fuck the borders, I s-

[Crowd Applauds]

Serj:  Animals don't recognize borders.  Nature, all of nature, does not recognize borders.  Why the fuck should we?

Borders Are...

Serj:  Thank you.  Metropole Orchestra ladies and gentleman.  Sound beautiful, thank you.

Honking Antelope

Serj:  Thank you.  You guys having a good time?  Beautiful festival.

Saving Us

Serj:  Thank you.  That was massive, that sounded really beautiful.  Yeah. 

Hamish McKeich:  [Talks to Serj off mic]

Serj:  [Serj talks off mic with conductor]  We go another new song for you from the new record 'Imperfect Harmonies' called 'Disowned Inc.'.

Disowned Inc.

Serj:  Thank you.  [Serj talks off mic sitting at the piano]  Alright.  Well I've got one uh, called 'Gate 21' just for you today.

Gate 21

Serj:  Thank you.  It's the first time I've played that with orchestra, thank you guys.  Thank you.

Elect The Dead

Serj:  Thank you.  [Laughs]  For the next selection I'd like my uh, esteemed conductor to present it please.

Hamish:  This uh, next one's called 'Beethoven's Cunt'.

Serj:  How do say that in uh, Dutch?

Hamish:  I think it's 'Beethoven's Kut'.

Serj:  Good enough for me.

Beethoven's Cunt

Serj:  Oh yeah!  So you guys have a beautiful fucking festival.  These are my Flying Cunts Of Chaos, my brothers.  This is conductor Hamish McKeich.  This is the amazing Metropole Orchestra.  I am Serj Tankian.  And we'll see you next time [as Borat].  And remember there are no walls that cannot be broken in the fucking world!

Empty Walls

Serj:  Lowlands!  [Talks of mic with Hamish]  Metropole Orchestra.  Hamish McKeich.  The Flying Cunts Of Chaos, thank you guys very much.



Photos Courtesy: Tim Van Veen


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Sunday Church Service With Minister Serj Tankian

The Barry White of rock's crossover to classical proves difficult

Ingmar Griffioen

  • About fifty men strong is the Metropole Orchestra with the tools at the ready to Serj Tankian in spotless white suit comes to mind. Armenian-American singer who was last with System of a Down did, now entering both nu-metal lumps.

    Serj Tankian & Metropole Orchestra, Lowlands Alpha, Sunday, August 22, 2010

    System Of A Down singer Serj Tankian + Metropole is not nu-metal meets classical, but more a theatrical rock opera with a leftist, politically correct message. Although for System of a Down fans to swallow is, his love for orchestral rock and this cooperation is far from falling from the sky. The passion was already present in 2007 on his first solo album Elect the Dead, when he stood on Pinkpop, and early this year was already an orchestral performance of that album with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

    The largest professional pop and jazz orchestra in the world bows for your ideas and theatrical rock that can perform in that setting, which is a big plus. Grand gestures and a lot of pathos there Tankian goes on. His current repertoire and his voice lend themselves well for guidance from the Metropole. After two tough days this festival for many visitors a pleasant day opener.

    It represents the shape of a guitar, but it is not that really suits over the orchestration, such as the backing vocals also can add little disappointing. There is little to bargain on Tankian's anti-war statements, but by Sunday sermons we get a very edifying sense. And if we go to a church service, then it is one where a choir of great African-American women in stained glass from the frames and not sing a preaching service with Barry White and classical bombast.

    As for other singers like space here to lay eggs, then you watch as a band. Before you know it you will lead a virtual life, while frontman bring attention to his new project. By the earlier success, he thinks that his creative trees grow to the sky and runs just something together that no one playlist or a festival bill with his name as a car would not stood up. So special is this pair now again not. Replace Serj by Sharon den Adel and what is the big difference with Within Temptation Metropole +? A pair of metal guitars? Tankian has at least found its way, as witness the title of the second album appeared September 3: Imperfect Harmonies.







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