System Of A Down Live

The DDevil Is So Lovely

08/09/2010 - Tradgarn - Gothenburg, Sweden

Serj Tankian: Vocals, guitar, piano
Dan Monti: Guitar, backing vocals
Erwin Khackikian: Piano, backing vocals
Mario Pagliarulo: Bass, backing vocals
Troy Zeigler: Drums, backing vocals
Jeff Mallow: Guitar, backing vocals

????? ?????: Violin
????? ?????: Violin
????? ?????: Violin
????? ?????: Violin
????? ?????: Cello
????? ?????: Cello
????? ?????: French horn
????? ?????: French horn

Other Performers:

  • None


  1. Intro (The Hand)
  2. Beethoven's Cunt
  3. Lie Lie Lie
  4. Sky Is Over
  5. Saving Us
  6. Baby
  7. Left Of Center
  8. The Unthinking Majority
  9. Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition
  10. Blue
  11. Elect The Dead
  12. Gate 21
  13. Yes, It's Genocide
  14. Deserving?
  15. Honking Antelope
  16. Electron
  17. Borders Are...
  18. Feed Us
  19. Empty Walls






  • Imperfect Harmonies World Tour.
  • Additional Orchestral Accompaniment includes eight currently unknown musicians.
  • Serj played six new songs from Imperfect Harmonies.  Yes, It's Genocide and Deserving? were played for the first time.
  • Blue was an orchestral version similar to the Elect The Dead Symphony version.
  • Gate 21 included only Serj on piano.


Intro (The Hand)

Beethoven's Cunt

Serj:   Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Lie Lie Lie

Serj:   ...been changed.  When civilization is actually over, the sky will also be over.

Sky Is Over

Serj:  Thank you.  [Laughs]  You guys are awesome, thank you.  You're boosting my ego as they say.  Alright, this song is called 'Saving Us'.

Saving Us

Serj:  Years ago I was in Paris and I had this dream.  And in this dream came to me a full song.  Which proves to me psychologically and logically that music comes from the universe not just from the artist and it belongs to all of us.


Serj:  So I got a new song for you.  This-this from my upcoming record called Imperfect Harmonies coming out in September.  This song is called 'Left Of Center'.

Left Of Center

Serj:  Thank you. [Laughs]  You know you look across-you look across the political spectrum of the world and you see a lot of nations where, well lets say the educational level is lower than where they should be for a democracy.  And it makes you think, maybe a benel-benevolent dictatorship in some cases would be better than a democracy where a majority of the people are 'The Unthinking Majority'.

The Unthinking Majority

Serj:  Thank you.

Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition


Elect The Dead

Serj:  Now this is the quietest that you will have to be 'cause this is just me and you.

Audience Member:  'Chop Suey!'   'Chop Suey!'!

Serj:  Suck me?  Is that what you said?

Gate 21

Serj:  Thank you.   I got a brand new one-a new one-a second new one for you tonight.  By the way, this is the first time that we are playing these new songs.  I just realized that.  So Sweden gets the first time.  This song is called 'Yes, It's Genocide'.

Yes, It's Genocide

Serj:  Thank you.  Thank you guys, that was beautiful.  Beautiful.  Well since you liked that one, we're gonna play another new one for you now.  Thank you.  This song is called 'Deserving'.  I like that noise quite a lot.


Serj:  That's to show you that any metal guy can fucking disco.

Honking Antelope


Borders Are...

Serj:  Thank you.

Feed Us

Serj:  Thank you.

Empty Walls



Photos Courtesy: Sarah







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