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The DDevil Is So Lovely

06/20/2010 - Amfiteatr Sowinskiego - Warsaw, Poland

Serj Tankian: Vocals, piano
Dan Monti: Acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Erwin Khackikian: Piano
Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra

Other Performers:

  • None


  • Peace Be Revenged (Soundcheck)
  • Saving Us (Soundcheck)
  • Beethoven's Cunt (Soundcheck)
  • Honking Antelope (Soundcheck)
  1. Feed Us
  2. Borders Are (Poem)
  3. Blue
  4. Sky Is Over
  5. Lie Lie Lie
  6. Money
  7. Baby
  8. Gate 21
  9. Peace Be Revenged
  10. The Charade
  11. Honking Antelope
  12. Saving Us
  13. Disowned Inc.
  14. Elect The Dead
  15. Falling Stars
  16. Beethoven's Cunt
  17. Empty Walls


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  • Elect The Dead Symphony Tour.
  • Serj performed two tracks off Imperfect Harmonies, "Disowned Inc." and "Peace Be Revenged".
  • During the end of "Feed Us", Serj recited a poem that feature lyrics from another new song "Borders Are".
  • During "Empty Walls", Serj went into the crowd and to let them sing the chorus.



Feed Us
Borders Are (Poem)

Serj: Borders surround.  Borders bound.  Borders marginalized.  Borders frame.  Borders divide.  Borders kill.  Borders are the ultimate man made wall separating and differentiating us beyond our cultures, beyond beliefs.  Borders are subjective, unnatural lines drawn by humans delineating land, water, and air.  If borders were natural, other animals, all beings would be bound by them.  Indigenous cultures never recognized borders.  Cognizant of the fact that the land owns us and not the other way around.  Borders lead to war, occupation, bigotry, even genocide.  Worst of all, borders are a deceptive yet constant reinforcement of the notion that we are alone.  Separate from each other and all things around us.  The multi-layered borders of our lives stratify separations in its undignified definitions.  There are people dying in Kashmir due to border disputes.  Shots are fired daily by North and South Korea over borders.  The Berlin wall separated the German people for a half a century.  Israel and Palestine continue to endure conflict over their borders.  Borders, borders, borders, borders.  Borders represent the foundation of civilization, expansionism, abuse of capitalism, and presumptuous occupation.  Floods don't recognize borders.  Earthquakes don't recognize borders.  Diseases, famine, and drought, don't recognize borders.  Why the fuck should we?  L'Autunno Orchestra.


Serj:  Thank you, thank you.  L'Autunno Orchestra.

Sky Is Over

Serj:  You guys are a crazy audience, look at you.  Wooo!  Nice.  It's an honor to be with you tonight, thank you.

Lie Lie Lie

Serj: Thank you.   Conductor ????? ?????.  He's very shy.  Turn around, turn around.  Say hi, say hi.  ?????


Serj:  Principle violinist ????? ?????.  ????? stand up

Gate 21

Serj:  Thank you.   Oh-uh, before you start, this is a brand new song.  Uhm, it's gonna be on my next record, Imperfect Harmonies, in September, coming up.  Thank you.  Uhm, we're going to do it in this form, this is an orchestral version of the song.  The uhm, record version is much more layered, but please enjoy it.  This is called "Peace Be Revenged".

Peace Be Revenged

Serj:  Thank you.

The Charade

Serj: L'Autunno Orchestra.

Honking Antelope
Saving Us
Serj:  Alright, so let me ask you a question alright.  Who did you vote for?  I wanna hear from the aud-audience.  I want the lights on the audience.  Who voted for [Jaroslaw] Kaczynski?  Who voted for the other main guy, I can't remember?  I'm with you, I'm with you.  I don't know his name but I know that he's not a right wing, uh, person and I know that he's not going to be up the asshole of the United States Of America.  So thank you very much.  This one is called "Elect The Dead".

Elect The Dead

Serj:  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  This song is called "Falling Stars"

Falling Stars

Serj:  ?????, you guys are fucking awesome.  Thank you so much for coming out tonight, thank you.  L'Autunno Orchestra.  Dan Monti,  Erwin Khackikian from The F.C.C..
Conductor: [Introduces "Beethoven's Cunt" in Polish].

Beethoven's Cunt

Serj:  ????? ????? ?????.  We could never leave the stage without playing "Empty Walls", so here it is.

Empty Walls

Serj:  Wooo!  Thank you L'Autunno Orchestra.  Conductor ????? ?????.  He's the man, he's the man.  ?????, you guys are beautiful, thank you so much for coming out.













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