System Of A Down Live

The DDevil Is So Lovely

01/24/1998 - The Roxy Theatre - West Hollywood, CA


Daron Malakian: Guitar

John Dolmayan: Drums

Shavo Odadjian: Bass

Serj Tankian: Vocals


Other Performers:

  • Static
  • Fractional Importance
  • Breakdown
  • Drown
  • Ultraspank



  1. War?
  2. Spiders
  3. X
  4. Suggestions
  5. Temper
  6. P.L.U.C.K.



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  • As my roommate Anthony put it, "The animosity filled the air!" Thesmoke infected air outside the Roxy last Saturday night for SYSTEM OF ADOWN along with special guests STATIC, ULTRASPANK, and DROWN. The clubscapacity of 650 was filled easily, and many ticket holders were left towait outside until somebody having a nicotine fit had to get their fix!Two out, two in! Some tough guys even had the balls to say, "I got myticket, so let me in biyatch!" You don't say biyatch to a 6'3, 300lbs.guy working the door who is already upset with everybody and theirmother complaining about not being let in to see SYSTEM. Bottom line,SYSTEM OF A DOWN is huge! This infectious disease in LA is rapidlyinfiltrating the minds of many across the globe. SOAD has had over 10websites start up within a month's time. The hype is so monstrous thatother bands are wondering what the hell they are doing to make thishappen. Ancient Chinese Secret! I will not tell! But I can tell youthat they will be in San Diego on Feb. 4 for the GAVIN convention andMarch 19 in San Antonio for SXSW. No local shows for quite some time.So those of you in attendance were given a real treat to hear SPIDERS,X, SUGGESTIONS, and TEMPER. This was the first time I had heard Temperlive within 5 months. The boys are sounding better than ever and willsoon be mixing their debut album.
Review By: Mark Thompson






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